Joey Collins is a Clinical Psychologist and an expert on the psychology that underlies leadership and high performance. Throughout his career, Joey has helped leaders advance their leadership effectiveness across a variety of situations and roles from supervisor to executive.   


For a consultation with Dr. Joey -

What can you expect when working with Joey:


You will develop leadership self-awareness by exploring your core values, narrative, and authentic foundation and how each shapes your interactions with others. 


Understand your Leader Developmental Readiness and ways to increase this state in yourself and others (developing followers into leaders), in order to optimize development opportunities and resources in your organization.


Understand what makes some challenges, engagements, and conversations more difficult and why you might avoid or handle these conversations less effectively.


Articulate the risks and appropriate uses of communication to effectively navigate difficult situations on up through adaptive and transformative challenges. 


Move to commitment and action with another party as a result of more effective use of leadership and coaching/communication knowledge and skills. 


Help others to navigate their own leadership development journey.