Llifting Weights

Building strength in your routine is a fundamental element. This was never part of my equation when I first started my fitness journey. I had ZERO interest in "going to the gym" and lifting weights. It took time to finally realize it's an important part of the equation. How it fits into your equation is up to you. Cardio will keep you fit but strength will tone your body. I remember when it all clicked. I was sharing a chairlift with an older man in his 70's. I remember asking him, "How do you do it?". He told me that building strength was just as important as running or other cardio activities. That's when I decided that I needed to begin adding it into my routine.

Ski Lift

Finding a routine is key. There are some things that I certainly do NOT like to do. I found myself gravitating towards things that were easier. As I continued doing these routines I found myself gravitating towards more difficult routines for a challenge. Before I knew It I signed up at a local gym and met with a Personal Trainer that gave me a pretty intense routine that I took on as a challenge. To his credit, he incorporated things that were in my wheelhouse that I'd be successful at which would help my drive to push more. 

This word is key. It can be used in all of the 3 fitness elements that will help you achieve your goals. No, consistently having a donut every morning will not work. One of my first routines I ever started was bicep curls. Since I take a shower every day, I made sure to compete this 3 minute workout before my shower. My approach has always been high reps, lighter weight - but I'm older and don't want to get hurt. I do 50 reps of a 10lb weight almost every morning. The results have been worth it and it's such a simple and effortless routine to perform everyday.

I urge you to talk with a friend, personal trainer or family member that currently lifts weights and ask them to assist you. Many gyms include a trainer or at a nominal fee. It's totally worth it as it'll set you up for success and create a great foundation for what you do down the road.

Some of my favorite routines:
Lat Pull Down
Pectoral Fly
Chest Dip
Chin Ups
Upright Row
Leg Extension
Gym Rings

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