This is a work in progress, but we have hopes of being able to supply a good amount of resourceful businesses, organizations or groups that can help you on your journey and goals. We all need support. Whether it's our family, friends or business we pay to push us along the way. Here's some of the resources I've found to be super helpful. 


Scott and Susan have their sports and nutrition based business on point. I visited these guys in early 2019 to become vested in a program that i could/should follow. Scott was able to interview me and then customize a nutrition program based on my athletic schedule and goals. I am 100% sure they can help you with your goals. Some employer health plans allow for this type of consultation. Contact us directly to request a discount code if you are interested in consulting with Vitl!


Strava is necessary if you are a cyclist or runner. I'm a competitive person which is where this might just click for you. It's a great way to track you activity and also dig into some of the data that your phone or activity tracker shares with the app. If you are a competitive person, chasing after segments, creating segments or setting goals are all options in this amazing app.


I wouldn't be where I am now without MyFitnessPal. It's the easiest way to track your calories and collect all of your other data from other apps. MFP can import your strava activity and your FitBit steps or scale info all in one place. I highly endorse purchasing a smart scale like FitBit Aria that uploads your weight and BF (approx) via wireless w/o anything to do on the user end.


The FitBit app isn't necessary but the products they make are fantastic. I purchased the FitBit Aria years ago and have been utilizing it's data with MFP since inception.


When Sprouts opened up around the corner from us a few years ago, I was elated. It doesn;'t replicate your standard grocery store but carries so many great whole foods at great prices. I've found them to be an integral part of my nutritional lifestyle.


YouTube has been just an integral in my journey as anything else. Have I wasted my time and gone down some worthless rabbit holes? Absolutely! But I have found valuable information that I've chosen from here and there. Just like this site, take what you want and leave the rest. There is no way possible that everything we talk about will pertain or interest you. There are some great channels to follow like Athlean-X, Chloe Ting, Nick Symmonds, Chris Heria, The Try Guys, The Running Channel, any and all transformation videos,